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Our credentials in motion (a.k.a stock footage) derive from our roots as producers of award- winning TV & Cinema commercials and longer-form productions. Previously operating under the Stock Options label, we represent superb content from our own aFRIKA collection and much more from 3 of the ‘big 5’ internationals – including Framepool, – not to mention myriad smaller specialist collections with whom we have built an enviable reputation in some two decades of operation as a full-service motion company.

Search the motion website, but bear in mind that keeping up to date on the hundreds of thousands of highly relevant clips we offer means that you will not find everything on our site – that’s where our acclaimed research (mostly free) comes in.

Contact us and we’ll deliver lots of suitable options for your brief!
T. +27 11 880- 2037

Specialist Research and Rights & Clearances Services complete our offering.

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